Hotel Mayflower Leiden

Hotel Mayflower is located in the beautiful heart of Leiden’s centre within a 5 minute walk from the train station, museums, shops, the market, nightlife, cinemas, museums, the university, restaurants, and much more. The hotel is located on just a couple-minute walk from the train station so you can make an easy trip to, for example, Amsterdam or The Hague.

  • 25 Well-furnished hotel rooms with telephone, radio, alarm, television, and a luxurious living area.
  • Each room has a bathroom with shower¬†and toilet, and almost every room has a full-length bath.
  • 13 Apartments can be rented for longer periods of time with hotel breakfast as an additional option.
  • We accept reservations that include transport at very inexpensive rates.
  • Free WiFi in every room and throughout the hotel.
  • Taxi service.